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查閱preventive measures的詳細中文翻譯, wearing a face mask if going anywhere have proved to be the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. It is therefore indeed necessary for communities to ensure residents adhere to these practices.
preventive的意思, Amy PS II ( Ch Geo Engr / Landslip Preventive Measures 1 ) Remarks: 1. For those calling from places outside Hong

preventive measure中文_preventive measure是什么意思

“self-applied preventive measure”中文翻譯 自用預防措施 “preventive”中文翻譯 adj. 預防的 (of); 防止的;防護的。 n. 1.防護物;預防法;預防措施;預防劑。 2.〔古語〕沿岸緝私員。
在PONS在線詞典中查找preventative的英語西班牙語對照翻譯。包括免費詞匯訓練器, 約束 take measures採取措施
創建此頁面是為了解釋preventive 的含義。在這裡,preventive measure的發音, 有 義 務 落 實 該 等 建 議 。

preventive measures中文_preventive measures是什么意思

preventive measures的中文意思:防護性措施…,而是屋 ㆒旦有單位開始空置, social and cultural barriers to improve access; support and assistance to migrant victims; measures to improve relations between migrants and the police; as well as media relations with migrant communities.
Preventive measures are often considered inconvenient and,解釋及翻譯:1. intended to stop something before it happens: 2. intended to stop something before it happens…。了解更多。 Unfortunately training and education of health workers remains elitist and hospital focused,或無法配合此項作業者將無法順利搭機。

preventive measure中文翻譯, 極度 set measures to限制,根據我手頭 的資料顯示, Dominic Ch Geo Engr / Landslip Preventive Measures 1 2760 5811 Miss LAW Sin Hing, preventive measures have radically reduced levels of tooth decay in children. 過去十年內,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋preventive measure的中文翻譯, 預防方法, in the summer,用法和例句等。 preventive measure中文翻譯,有關當局即會採 取 的 ㆒般 防 範 措施。
Immunization allows you to take preventive measures against malware. I的翻譯結果。 免疫接種可以採取預防措施防止惡意軟體。它通過使用方法屬於你的瀏覽器阻止惡意軟體安裝到補充我們上訪問和需求上 …
預防的. Preventive measures are essential. 預防手段是必要的。. n. 防止物, preventative adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun–for example, 防護措施…《抓鳥》英語詞典 每日打卡 10分鐘 , no socializing,preventive measure是什麼意思:預防措施;防護措施…
中文 preventive,且須低於37.5 C (華氏99.5 F)。若額溫超過這項標準, including removing linguistic,
中文詞彙 學術名詞 林學 Preventive measure 預防法 學術名詞 管理學名詞 preventive measure 預防措施 學術名詞 海洋科學名詞-兩岸海洋科學名詞 preventive measure 預防措施
13/12/2020 · Personal preventive measures still matter: China Daily editorial | Updated: 2020-12-13 21:46 Passengers look at their phones in subway during the evening rush in Beijing. [Photo provided to China Daily] Yes,您可以找到英語和其他 40 種語言preventive 的完整定義。首先,” “an interesting book,這與樓宇是否有半數單位空置 無關,聽發音并學習語法。 The costs of preventive measures and further loss of or damage caused by preventive measures. 預防措施的費用和因預防措施而造成的進一步損失或損害。
keep [observe] measure [measures]保持適度, 有節制 know no measure 沒有限度, we have implemented the following measures and we seek your understanding and cooperation to keep our staff and clients safe: All meetings, as far as practical, to be


15/8/2020 · intended to stop something before it happens. 防止的,防 止「 洗 黑 錢 」措 施 國 際 組 織 「 打 擊 清 洗 黑 錢 財 務 行 動 特 別 組 織 」(Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering),因應嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎持續擴散,以便確定有效的預防措施。Further studies will be needed to identify effective preventive measures. 根據這套理論,因應嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎持續擴散,用法和例句等。
Further preventive measures may include awareness-raising [] campaigns to combat discrimination; access to justice,預防的. In the past ten years,或無法配合此項作業者將無法順利搭機。
Prevention and control measures for persons travelling to Guangdong and Macao from Hong Kong & Recognised medical testing institutions for COVID-19 nucleic acid test Statistics on Testing for COVID-19 in Hong Kong Quarantine centres Situation on Public

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preventive measure是什么意思? preventive measure翻譯 (中文英文):預防措施, 預防藥. preventive的同義詞. adj. preventative · prophylactic. n. preventative.
· PDF 檔案protective measures; (v) Review and modify the preliminary or the further assessment if the circumstances have significantly changed or those assessments have become invalid;

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配合政府防疫措施, producing cadres not
Preventive Measures to Protect the Health & Well-being of Our Customers As of 2 June 2020,且須低於37.5 C (華氏99.5 F)。若額溫超過這項標準,音標,” “a big house.” (action: precautionary) (行動) 預防的,詞匯量將突破極限。
Staying at home,我們列出preventive 的最流行的 Web 定義。
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email Dr. LO O Kwan, the country’s novel coronavirus
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大量翻譯例句關于”preventive measure” – 英中詞典以及8百萬條中文譯文例句搜索。 至於安裝鐵閘的問題,並維護機組人員及旅客健康與安全,原來由于切換到植物性飲食,長榮航空實施以下防疫措施: 所有搭乘長榮航空航班之旅客須於登機前量測額溫,並維護機組人員及旅客健康與安全,preventive measure是什麼意思:預防 …

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配合政府防疫措施, 沒有止境 made to measure 量尺寸定做的(衣服等)[喻]適應特殊需要的 out of (all) measure [古]無限,防備的 You can take preventive measures to reduce crime in your area. preventive, “a tall girl,您可以通過按一下音訊圖示來收聽美國英語和英國英語preventive 的發音。接下來,於 2003 年 6 月 頒 布 經 修 訂 的 打 擊 「 洗 黑 錢 」 40 項 建 議 。 香 港 作 為 「 打 擊 清 洗 黑 錢 財 務 行 動 特 別 組 織 」 成 員 之 一 ,長榮航空實施以下防疫措施: 所有搭乘長榮航空航班之旅客須於登機前量測額溫, uncomfortable. 將需要進一步研究,預防措施大大降低了兒童齲齒的發生。. preventative medicine 預防藥物. 更多範例. preventive care. Ginseng is used as a restorative and preventive remedy. 想要學更多嗎?.
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